Céline Bellier

Céline Bellier

Graduate Trainee


1. Who you are and a bit of background: My name is Céline Bellier. I was born in Geneva on 1994. I studied economics and management at University of Geneva with an exchange semester at Paris Dauphine University and finished the first year of my master degree in Strategic and International Management. Besides my studies, I did various work such as private teacher (for the past 9 years), representative of SICPA – a global leading company in security - within the student community and hostess to name a few.

2. Name of your host institution: EPFL

3. Institution you studied at: University of Geneva for my bachelor and master degree (+ 1 semester abroad at Paris Dauphine)

4. 1 achievement: During the bachelor time, I created with 3 other students a project who aim was to support a Nepalese association whose aim was to provide a better education. We worked on it for a year, raised funds and were awarded Best Responsible Project of the year.  

5. What you have done during the summer: I started working on my master thesis, travelled for a few weeks in Greece, applied to EPFL/CASE graduate trainee position and spent time with my family.