Shweta Shreyarthi

Shweta Shreyarthi

Communications Specialist, Advancement Communications
Northeastern University

Describe your role at Northeastern University. 

I work in Advancement Communications. Mainly, I develop content and write copy for case statements, appeals, and various items for our Annual Giving team that help attract all sorts of Northeastern donors. With all the momentum Northeastern has witnessed recently, it’s been really fun and exciting!

What is most rewarding about your work? 

I recently started managing Northeastern’s Women who Empower Instagram account. This involves researching, collecting, and showcasing inspiring stories of women who are connected to the university in some way. I’m learning about so many incredible women! Seeing all the amazing things they’ve accomplished and knowing that I am not only part of this community, but that I play a role in encouraging and boosting others through their causes and missions is pretty awesome—and rewarding to the say the least!

I also love the work I do with our Annual Giving team. It’s fast paced, and the team always delivers. It’s such an amazing feeling to see a project come to fruition, just as you envisioned it, and that happens whenever I work with this particular group!

What have you done with CASE District I? 

I was a volunteer judge for two categories of this year’s Excellence Awards. My work in higher ed just began in July, so I’m still new, and definitely plan to get more involved in the coming years. Additionally, I plan to attend the annual conference in March