Min Xu

Min (Caroline) XU

Deputy Head (Academics)
YK Pao School


XU, Min (Caroline) has been a school based educator for 21 years, Chinese language (& Literature) teacher for 17 years, IBMYP teacher for 16 years, an IBMYP educator for 10 years. She has worked in both national and international (IB, CIS/WASC) schools in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Since 2001, she has been a: subject head, grade level leader, MYP coordinator, assistant principal, secondary (middle school) and director of curriculum Development. Currently, she works as the deputy head (academics), principal & head of HQ campus at YK Pao School, Shanghai, a Chinese-English bilingual, three-campus school. As an IB-MYP educator, Caroline has been a moderator/examiner, workshop leader, school visiting team member / leader, and a school consultant. She is also a team evaluator for CIS and trained evaluator for ACS WASC.