DRIVE/ Conference 2019

DRIVE is . . . 

Experts who are making a difference in data security, data science, and data trends. Check out these resources from three people who are leading the charge in transforming data into action.

Data Security

All that social media engagement? You are sharing more online than you think—take a look at last year's DRIVE/ Keynote Speaker Jennifer Golbeck and what she says about your security:

With new regulations and rules, GDPR is changing the ways in which we can use data to communicate. Find out the keys to understanding GDPR, and how institutions are approaching it.

Data Science and Tools

This year's DRIVE/ Keynote Speaker Mona Chalabi tackles visualizations in this engaging Ted TALK that shows that data doesn't have to be boring:

Talithia Williams, associate professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California and past DRIVE/ speaker explores how to make data digestible, useful and empowering.

Past DRIVE/ speaker and Digital Explorer Alexandra Samuel examines how the social web shapes our lives-from how we give presentations to how we market goods to how we use data.

Data Trends

Dig into a sneak peak of DRIVE/ Keynote Speaker Alec Ross and what he says are the innovations that will shape our future:

From virtual reality to student-driven storytelling, institutions around the globe are exploring new ways to market to the digitally savvy next generation of students.