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Print Samples

The Library mails packets of printed materials and publications to CASE members. The types of print samples available include:

  • Alumni magazines
    (including those that demonstrate a redesign or address special topics like a new president, outgoing president, commencement, reunion, sustainability, crisis or controversy)
  • Annual reports and president's reports (also see online samples)
  • Inauguration invitations and collateral (also see online samples)
  • Internal and external campus newsletters
  • Research magazines and newsletters (also see online samples)
  • Campaign case statements (also see online samples)
  • Stewardship materials (holiday cards, thank you cards; also see online samples)
  • Strategic plans (also see online samples)
  • Student advancement program materials (also see online samples)
    (including brochures, guides, giveaways, events and factbooks)
  • Student recruitment publications (also see online samples)
    (viewbooks, admitted student welcome packets, residence hall information materials, study abroad information, etc.)

Ask the Library for print samples.

Contribute to the Sample Collections

The Library welcomes documents and other material from your institution. If you would like to contribute samples, see the Library's sample submission guidelines or contact us at

These documents are generously contributed by advancement professionals around the world in the spirit of peer-to-peer exchange. Others are publicly available on institutional websites.


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