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Good Question: Boards of Alumni Associations and Institutionally Related Foundations

Q: Does CASE have information about alumni boards and foundation boards? We're looking for roles and responsibilities of each type, expectations for individual board members, committee structures, nomination and orientation materials, etc.

A: The Library frequently receives variations of this question from members working in all areas of advancement. In response, we have assembled a list of favorite resources covering nonprofit boards; school, college and university governing boards; and institutionally related foundation boards. Books on our list help answer questions about board roles, responsibilities, structure and committees, meetings and new member orientation. Research reports are included to help members locate data about board composition, policies and practices.

The sample collection has a page for alumni associations and another for institutionally related foundations. In addition to bylaws for alumni association and foundation boards, documents in the collection describe roles and responsibilities, committee structures and responsibilities, nomination, orientation and more.

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