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Good Question: Strategic Plans

Q: I would like to receive samples of strategic plans. I would be most interested in URLs of plans presented online.

A: The Library regularly shares strategic plans with members, most of whom seek documents for advancement or a specific area such as alumni relations or communications.

Library research has shown that educational institutions use a variety of strategic planning models and processes across units ranging from systems, campuses and schools, to individual departments and functions. The documents that result from these models and processes vary in format and reflect each institution's unique circumstances and vision for the future.

Plans may:

  • Cover multiple years or a single year;
  • Be called strategic plans, operational plans, action plans or a variety of other names;
  • Document a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis and
  • Outline an implementation or review process and include metrics for assessing progress.

Understanding the variation in planning processes and plans is important when reviewing samples. Even so, members can benefit from seeing what other institutions and departments have done.

Given the variety of plans and member needs, the Library has compiled a collection of online samples organized by advancement function. Within each function, the collection spans institution and plan types.

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