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Good Question: Student Philanthropy

Q: Do you have resources about student philanthropy and how to teach students about the importance of giving before they become alumni? Examples of what has worked for other universities would be helpful too.

A: The Library regularly receives questions about student philanthropy and ways to engage students in fundraising while they are still on campus. The resources in this bibliography discuss the depth and breadth of the topic—from student philanthropy groups and student giving programs to research on the impact of student experiences on future alumni giving and engagement.

In addition, CASE Affiliated Student Advancement Programs (CASE ASAP) offers programs, such as the the annual Student Engagement & Philanthropy Month in February, to help members learn about and develop campus events that encourage student philanthropy.

The Library has also developed a Good Question on the culture of philanthropy to answer more general questions on how to develop a campus-wide culture of philanthropy.

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Student Philanthropy
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*These links lead to the samples section of the CASE site. Samples include documents used to organize and promote class gift campaigns, "Tag Days" and "Tuition Free Days," as well as activities specific to Student Engagement and Philanthropy Month hosted by CASE ASAP annually.


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The Library shares Student Engagement & Philanthropy Month samples.

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Culture of Philanthropy

The Library has compiled a collection of resources about building a culture of philanthropy.

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