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Good Question: Planned Giving

Q: Do you have resources on planned giving trends and best practices?

A: The Library receives questions about planned and legacy giving programs, such as how to start programs from scratch, how to identify prospects and how to market planned gifts. This collection aims to introduce the various types of planned gifts and offer resources on trends, best practices, policies and procedures. In addition to articles, white papers and research, we've listed books that provide a broader overview of planned giving programs.

The sample collection includes brochures, case statements, newsletters, links to planned giving websites and a small selection of planned giving initiatives that have won CASE Circle of Excellence Awards.

Limit of liability / disclaimer: CASE staff have used their best efforts in developing this collection and make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the content. CASE staff do not render legal, accounting or similar services and encourage members to seek legal advice or other expert counsel as needed.

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