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Good Question: Gift Officer Metrics

Q: Do you have any samples of metrics used to evaluate the performance of fundraisers, especially major gift officers? If not, do you have information that can help us develop metrics?

A: The Library frequently receives questions from members who want to know how to set realistic goals for fundraisers and develop metrics to evaluate performance. While most members understand there is no one-size-fits-all formula, they seek best practices to optimize performance and build relationships with donors and prospective donors within the context of their institution's unique circumstances. In addition, they ask about ways to calculate the return on investment for individual fundraisers.

In light of these frequently-requested topics, the Library has developed this collection of articles, white papers and other resources about gift officer metrics and return on investment. The Library also collected sample materials from member institutions that demonstrate expectations, evaluation processes and reporting. Additional sample materials are welcomed at any time.

In addition to the resources in this collection, members may want to consult the Good Question on return on investment for fundraising, which looks at ROI for fundraising operations rather than individual staff members.

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