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Good Question: Faculty & Staff Fundraising & Giving

Q: Does CASE have any resources that would help us train faculty and staff about their role in fundraising? We want them to understand why fundraising is important and relevant to them. Also, does CASE have any articles or information about successful faculty and staff giving programs?

A: The Library has compiled a variety of articles and resources to assist development professionals who are working with faculty and staff to encourage them to be both fundraisers for and donors to their institutions. The collection also includes examples of successful faculty and staff giving programs and data from the Voluntary Support of Education (VSE) survey.

Faculty & Staff Role in Fundraising  
Faculty & Staff Giving Campaigns

Articles, Reports, Dissertations
Sample Materials*

Articles, Reports, Dissertations
Sample Materials**
Faculty & Staff Giving Data, 2017





*This link leads to a page in the samples section of the CASE website. Samples include policies and documents to help faculty and staff understand their role in fundraising for their institutions.

**Samples on this page include award-winning faculty and staff giving campaign materials, campaign coordinator resources, websites, videos, brochures and pledge forms.


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