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Good Question: Crowdfunding

Q: Does CASE have any resources on crowdfunding in higher education?

A: The Library has developed a resource collection and series of short case studies to help members understand current crowdfunding trends in higher education.

Crowdfunding, or the concept of funding a project by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, isn't a new idea, but recently there has been an avalanche of new crowdfunding platforms—including a few tailored specifically to education.

The Library has highlighted crowdfunding campaigns at colleges and universities in the United States, Canada and Australia. These pilot projects include both partnerships with existing platforms, such as ScaleFunder and USEED, and the creation of unique, internal platforms. Campaign goals vary from supplementing research funding and scholarships to student initiated projects and matching funds.

The collection will help members further explore crowdfunding to continue fundraising, engaging alumni and growing a culture of philanthropy.

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