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Fundraising Good Questions
  • Annual Giving
    Do you have any best practices on annual giving or sample annual fund campaigns?
  • Athletics Fundraising
    Do you have best practices or case studies on fundraising for athletics?
  • Campaign Case Statements
    Does CASE have samples of campaign case statements?
  • Community College Grants
    Do you have any resources on best practices for community college grant development and management?
  • Corporate and Foundation Relations
    We are looking to expand our corporate and foundation relations program, do you have any information on trends or what other institutions are doing?
  • Crowdfunding
    Does CASE have any resources on crowdfunding in higher education?
  • Culture of Philanthropy
    Does CASE have any resources on growing a culture of philanthropy?
  • Diverse Philanthropic Constituencies
    Do you have any resources on raising money from diverse donor constituencies?
  • Faculty & Staff Fundraising & Giving
    Does CASE have any resources that would help us train faculty and staff about their role in fundraising? We want them to understand why fundraising is important and relevant to them. Also, does CASE have any articles or information about successful faculty and staff giving programs?
  • Gift Officer Metrics
    Do you have any samples of metrics used to evaluate the performance of fundraisers, especially major gift officers? If not, do you have information that can help us develop metrics?
  • International Fundraising
    Does CASE have any resources on international fundraising?
  • LGBT Development & Alumni Relations
    Do you have any resources about alumni relations and fundraising efforts tailored to LGBT constituencies?
  • Online Giving Days
    Does CASE have any resources about online day of giving campaigns in higher education?
  • Planned Giving
    Do you have resources on planned giving trends and best practices?
  • Return on Investment for Fundraising
    How do we determine the return on investment in our fundraising operation? One way is to calculate the cost to raise $1 or £1, but do you have information on other methods? Are staff salaries typically included in calculations?
  • Student Philanthropy
    Do you have resources about student philanthropy and how to teach students about the importance of giving before they become alumni? Examples of what has worked for other universities would be helpful too.


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