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Good Question: Crisis Planning & Management Resources

Q: I need resources on campus crisis management. Also, do you have any sample crisis communications plans? We are working on one and want to see samples to help us get started.

A: In preparing this resource collection for members, the Library called upon Rae Goldsmith, former vice president for advancement resources at CASE, to share her insights into crisis management. A communications professional with 22 years' experience overseeing public and media relations, issues management and related functions at several higher education institutions, Goldsmith said: "Effective crisis management starts with a plan. While every crisis is different, having a plan that provides a framework for response—and testing and practicing the plan—will allow the institution to focus on the nuances of the crisis at hand rather than routine but important details that can slow response time."

The resources in this Good Question will help members develop a crisis management plan and communications strategy that reflect their institutions' unique circumstances. The collection offers:

  • Articles and links to books with advice and recommendations,
  • Case studies about institutional responses to natural disasters and tragedies like campus shootings,
  • Best practices from CASE award winners,
  • Crisis communications exercises to test readiness using two fictional scenarios, and
  • Crisis communications and emergency response plans that serve as samples for content, procedures and formatting.

The pages below generally focus on non-CASE resources. Visit crisis management under Browse by Professional Interest for CURRENTS and other articles, reports and webinars from CASE.

Case Studies
Circle of Excellence Award Entries
Crisis Communications Exercises
Resource Compilations
Sample Materials*

*This link leads to the samples section of the CASE website. Samples include crisis communications plans and emergency response plans.

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