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Good Question: Copyright & Licensing for Images and Multimedia

Q: Does CASE have information about copyright and licensing for multimedia? Where can we obtain inexpensive or free music and images to use on our website and in social media?

A: The Library developed this collection of practical resources to help U.S. members understand copyright and licensing for images and multimedia. Members can explore topics from public domain and fair use to licensing and Creative Commons. The collection includes key sources for music and images to license for school, college and university projects.

This is not an exhaustive collection about copyright law for academic institutions. Many examples of institutional copyright policies for faculty, staff and students can be found on the web. Often they are posted on campus library, legal counsel or administration websites.

CASE staff members have used their best efforts in developing this collection and make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the content. CASE staff do not render legal or similar services. Members are encouraged to seek legal advice or other expert counsel for questions about copyright, fair use, infringement and licensing.

Definitions and Copyright Basics
Sources for Licensing Copyrighted Works
Tips and Tools for Copyright Compliance


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