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Ethics Resources

CASE supports ethical practice in all of the advancement disciplines—advancement services, alumni relations, communications, fundraising, marketing and allied fields—in a number of ways:

  • Through the development and sharing of ethical principles of practice, resources on managing conflicts of interest, and management checklists (see Online Resources below)
  • Through in-person and online conference sessions dedicated specifically to ethical practice or that incorporate aspects of ethical practice into larger presentations or discussions
  • Through CURRENTS magazine articles and books that discuss ethical principles and practices
  • Through the Library, which assists members who have questions with ethical implications
  • Through advocacy by responding to questions about ethical practice from the press, government agencies and other organizations
  • Through the CASE website, which includes a number of ethics-related resources (see Online Resources below)

CASE encourages members to share ethical principles with all staff members and volunteers who are engaged in any aspect of advancement on behalf of their institutions. CASE also encourages members to engage volunteers and staff members in conversation about what it means to be ethical and how to put ethical principles into practice.

Online Resources

Ethics-related resources available online can be found by following the links below or browsing the Ethics and Accountability section.

Statements and Issues



The Library maintains a collection of ethics and conflict of interest policies.

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