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Official Charge to the CASE Campaign Standards Working Group

At its July 2006 meeting, the CASE Board of the Trustees passed a resolution calling for the formation of "a group of CASE volunteer leaders to take a fresh look at the CASE Management and Reporting Standards, in consultation with other groups and individuals, specifically as the standards apply to campaigns, due to developments in the field."

Pursuant to that decision, CASE Board Chair Rita Bornstein and President John Lippincott requested that the CASE Campaign Standards Working Group review the matter of how fundraising campaign results are determined and reported at educational institutions in North America. The working group was to provide an initial set of recommendations to the Commission on Philanthropy in April 2007 and to the Board of Trustees in July 2007.

As part of its review, the group was specifically asked to seek input from interested parties and organizations, survey the CASE membership, and address the following questions:

  1. What guidelines and data, if any, regarding campaigns would most benefit CASE institutional and professional members, as well as the advancement profession?
  2. Are the current CASE campaign standards (as reflected in the third edition of the CASE Management and Reporting Standards) adequate to those identified needs? If not, how might they be improved?
  3. Are the data elements regarding campaigns being collected by CASE and other organizations (e.g., the Chronicle of Higher Education) adequate to those identified needs? If not, how might they be improved?
  4. In light of discussions regarding the foregoing questions, what position should CASE take toward other proposed campaign guidelines (e.g., those from the National Committee on Planned Giving)?

While this charge was specific to campaign standards, the group was to consider carefully whether its recommendations might adversely impact standards for reporting of annual fundraising results or participation in the Voluntary Support of Education report.