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CASE File: Largest Campaigns

The following are lists of the largest campaigns undertaken by higher education institutions in descending order from largest goal size. Information was compiled from press releases, articles, websites and databases. Updates are ongoing. Citations for selected sources can be found in the bibliographies on each page.

CASE does not know of organizations or resources that have tracked the complete history of educational fundraising campaigns, so it is difficult to verify milestones and history-making events. Content in the Notable Details column was reported by institutions or the press and was not independently verified by Library staff.

Institutions report their campaign progress at different times of the year. Totals were the most current available at the time this CASE File was updated.

The pages are best printed using Internet Explorer 8 (or later), Chrome 23 (or later) or Safari browser. Printing with Firefox may lead to missing data above the bibliography.

The CASE website provides information about the biennial CASE Survey of Educational Fundraising Campaigns.

CASE welcomes additions and corrections to the list.

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Additions & Corrections

CASE welcomes additions and corrections to information in this file. Visit the member support center and reference "CASE Files." We appreciate your help with keeping this list as current and comprehensive as possible.


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