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CASE will be launching the UK Schools' Philanthropic Giving Survey on 19 September 2016. The survey not only covers fundraising activities, but also activities across constituent relations and operations making it the perfect data set for benchmarking activities across the development office.

This will be the sixth UK Schools' Philanthropic Giving Survey that will be launched. The survey is conducted every other year and has been updated to be aligned with other CASE industry benchmarking surveys.

How to participate

The survey will be launched on 19 September 2016 and will close on 21 November 2016. CASE staff and CASE volunteers from the school's sector will be available for any queries or issues during this time.

The survey will be hosted on the CASE Benchmarking Toolkit. The toolkit allows participants to complete the survey in a safe and secure manner. Participants can save their data and complete the survey in parts. Past survey participants will also be able to look at their previous survey returns for reference.

Participation in the survey is FREE for CASE members and for first-time participants. This includes access to the CASE benchmarking toolkit, the interactive dashboard, the overall sector report and infographic. Bespoke reports can be requested at a cost of £200/report.

For more information please contact Yashraj Jain, Research Manager, CASE Europe.

Why participate

The survey is designed as a Benchmarking Tool for participating schools. Participants will be able to benchmark their data and generate bespoke reports on the CASE Benchmarking Toolkit. They will be able to select their benchmarking group and look at trends over a period of time.

Participants will also get exclusive access to an interactive Dashboard with additional data tables and charts which are easy to understand and share. These will compare data from the school's survey with data collected in other CASE surveys.

UK schools will be able to benchmark their data against other British International schools (and vice-versa) for the first time this year.

As the survey and the benchmarking it offers is as good as the data we collect and the number of schools that participate we are aiming to get as many schools as possible to take part in the survey this year.

UK Schools Philanthropic Giving Report 2015