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Ross-CASE Bespoke Analysis

What bespoke products can CASE provide?

The Ross-CASE Survey datasets, going back 15 years, serve as a rich and valuable source of information on higher education philanthropy in the UK. CASE endeavours to transform this data into something that is of value and use to development practitioners and leaders in the sector.

To enable participating institutions to make use of this data in way that can help them make strategic decisions and improve fundraising performance, CASE has launched THREE BESPOKE Ross-CASE Benefits that are accessible, visually-appealing and easy-to-understand. You can find out more in this brochure or read below:

i) Bespoke Ross-CASE Data Request

Need help uncovering underlying trends from the Ross-CASE data? Want to make important strategic decisions grounded in robust research data? Wondering what your own cluster analysis might look like? Do you require facts to support your case for investment?

Save hours of your precious time by ordering a bespoke dataset containing a functional version of the endless rows and columns contained in the full data download of the Ross-CASE Survey, custom-built as per your requirements. Plus, additional analysis and computations to help you uncover underlying insights tailor-made to answer your specific questions.

Pricing will be based on the size and scale of your request starting from £100 + VAT.

Please email for enquiries and bookings.

ii) Bespoke Ross-CASE Infographic

Beautifully illustrated top-line findings, highlighting your fundraising success stories and areas for improvement. Benchmark your institution's performance and get your infographic on the day the latest results go live, ready to share instantly in presentations, reports and social media posts.

You can find a marketing template here. As part of the package you will receive:

      • Up to 18 visually-engaging illustrated benchmarking charts
      • Option to choose the order, size and layout so far as it fits into the infographic framework of 2 columns x 3 rows
      • Option to choose your benchmarking peer groups and institutions
      • A striking cover page and an executive summary to present the infographic as a mini-report highlighting the key findings. This can be personalised using the institution's logo 
      • Options to choose a colour scheme that resonates with your institution's brand guidelines
      • Digital files in JPEG/PNG format for each of the charts
      • Data tables in MS Excel format for each of the charts 
      • Final print-friendly PDF version with hyperlinks

You can PRE-ORDER your bespoke infographic package for 2016-17 results; you will receive your designed infographics in May 2018 when the Ross-CASE 2016-17 results are published. You can also request a bespoke infographic package for the latest 2015-16 dataset.

The bespoke infographic package costs £600 + VAT per institution.

Reach out to colleagues at peer institutions and receive a 15% discount (i.e. £510 + VAT) by ordering a bespoke infographic package in partnership with other peer institutions.

Please email for enquiries and bookings.

iii) Ross-CASE on Campus

An effective training programme curated specially for your institution where we will bring together the best-in-class fundraising experts and thought-leaders at a conference to train, develop and inspire your staff to work on the next award-winning fundraising campaign. Regular giving? Major gifts? Legacies? Capital campaigns? We've got it all covered!

CASE on Campus is our signature bespoke training programme for educational advancement teams. We've used this model to develop our new Ross-CASE on Campus programme, which is a CASE on Campus within the context and setting of your institution's fundraising performance.

Taking on board your challenges and goals, we will develop a programme that directly addresses the specific needs of your institution and individuals working in fundraising and development. An experienced higher education professional will devise and deliver a structured programme to help form a unified strategy for solving your specific problems, review your fundraising performance using data from the Ross-CASE Survey and lay out a fundraising roadmap for the future.

The well-established CASE on Campus training technique with a Ross-CASE angle will help educate and engage colleagues across the institution. The idea is to develop a team of professionals equipped to produce a comprehensive and cohesive approach to building a culture of philanthropy, launching fundraising campaigns and cultivating donor relationships.

You can invite a small group of key decision makers or all your colleagues from across the institution, there is no limit on the number of attendees. The program will be delivered at your institution's campus. You can also organise a Ross-CASE on Campus in partnership with other peer-institutions to facilitate exchange of best practice and collective benchmarking.

Half-day programs start from £3,000 + VAT per institution and full-day programs from £6,000 + VAT per institution. Further costs will apply for expenses and additional facilitators.

Why not reach out to colleagues at peer institutions and receive a 15% discount (i.e. £2,550 + VAT for a half-day program and £5,100 + VAT for a full-day program) by registering for a Ross-CASE on Campus in partnership with other peer institutions.

Please email for enquiries and bookings.