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Ross-CASE Survey

Ross CASE 2017

The Ross-CASE Survey of Charitable Giving to Universities collects detailed information about fundraising and donors to measure the philanthropic performance of higher education institutions. It also provides an estimate of the overall impact of philanthropy on the higher education sector.

The Ross-CASE survey is the only source of information on this subject, enabling institutions to compare themselves with similar universities. Participation is open to all higher education institutions in Europe. It is conducted annually and is now in its sixteenth year.

What are the latest findings?

Download the 2018 Ross-CASE report: Giving to Excellence: Generating Philanthropic Support for Higher Education in UK and the Republic of Ireland

What do survey participants provide?

The survey asks for data on specific fundraising variables:

  • Number of fundraising staff and the team's expenditure
  • New funds secured and cash income received
  • Number of alumni from the university
  • Number of people donating to the university
  • Information on the university's fundraising campaign(s)

The supporting document that accompanies the survey explains all the questions and terms in detail.

How detailed is the survey?

The survey consists of 21 sections and 125 questions, 65 of which are required.

Why do universities participate?
  • Findings from the survey help raise the profile of philanthropic giving within the sector
  • The survey findings help CASE lobby on behalf of universities, especially in the area of fundraising
  • The findings help measure the impact of policy interventions.
  • The survey helps university teams measure and monitor their progress
  • The survey helps universities, and other stakeholders, see the broader trends in fundraising
  • The survey findings, and ability to easily compare results to previous years, helps university teams set objectives, assess performance, make informed investment decisions, lobby senior management for investment and improve overall departmental performance.
  • Universities who have participated in the survey can also log in to an online toolkit to benchmark their performance against other universities and their previous submissions.

Survey Committee

The Ross-CASE Survey Committee members are:

  • Tania Jane Rawlinson, development & alumni relations director, Cardiff University
  • Frances Shepherd, vice president international development, University of Glasgow

CASE runs the survey data sets through rigorous checks to ensure that the data submitted is free from errors and as robust as possible.

All committee members sign non-disclosure agreements with CASE Europe to safeguard the data submitted by participating institutions. As part of the data querying process, committee members may get access to un-anonymised survey data to enable them to conduct meaningful checks and use their experience and knowledge of the sector to flag any oddities in the data (for instance, if a very small institution reports a relatively large alumni staff number). Apart from these checks, CASE staff also run a number of logic, arithmetic and ratio checks.

By taking part in the survey you agree for your institution's data to be used by CASE in the above listed ways.