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CASE Alumni Magazine Readership Survey and Benchmarking Tool

The CASE Alumni Magazine Readership Survey and benchmarking tool allows magazine editors and other communications and alumni relations professionals to understand the habits and interests of their Alumni readers and make informed strategic editorial and management decisions.

How can it help you?

  • The survey facilitates benchmarking, allowing you to track your Alumni responses in real time.
  • Population segmentation allows you to create customized survey links for particular Alumni constituencies to compare data across different segments.
  • Segmented data can also be aggregated into one comprehensive report.
  • You will get comprehensive summary reports, cross-tab reports, and benchmarking reports allowing for comparisons with data from over 90 other institutions who currently use the survey. 
  • CASE can provide customized benchmarking reports to members who elect to collectively share benchmarking information within a peer or mission group.

How does it work?

  • CASE members complete a short profile of information about their institution and Alumni magazine to subscribe to the tool.
  • CASE will then provide you with an institutional link to the online Alumni Magazine Readership Survey for your institution. 
  • You can then email the survey link to a sample of Alumni magazine recipients and/or distribute the survey link to Alumni online, in print, or via social media.
  • As and when your Alumni respond to the survey, your institutional dashboard is updated for benchmarking

This benchmarking tool is a tested way to assess Alumni interest and helps you to benchmark your Alumni magazine with alumni magazines of other institutions in your peer group and year-over-year. Eighty-five percent of respondents to a survey of past users reported that they were likely to use the survey again. As one user put it:

"LOVE the survey. Great core data set, easy to compare in a variety of ways, easy to use, VERY affordable."

Subscriptions cost just $500 for a year's access. For more information on purchasing a CMMRS subscription, please click here.

For assistance activating a subscription and using reporting tools to analyze and benchmark results from your readers contact the member support center.

Visit the member support center for more information.