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IRF Data Book: A Benchmarking Tool for Foundations

FY18 IRF Data Book Survey Deadline: Friday, December 14.

The CASE IRF Data Book is designed to be a one-stop shop for institutionally related foundation executives and professionals interested in comparing data related to their foundation's structure, staffing and operations with their peers. The data book will also allow CASE staff to explore trends in IRF management on an annual basis.

Foundations participating in the IRF Data Book will be able to:

  • Compare their foundation's funding and operations with their peers,
  • Pull comparison data at any time for foundation staff or board meetings,
  • Choose specific foundations to benchmark against and
  • Learn about the latest trends in IRF management and operations.

Foundations participating in the IRF Data Book will also receive a copy of PowerPoint slides outlining key trends from the previous fiscal year.

Who Can Participate?

Only CASE members are eligible to participate in the IRF Data Book. Since all data and information will be open to participating foundations, CASE asks that members do not share survey data beyond their foundations.

How Can My Foundation Join the IRF Data Book?

Foundation staff who completed previous IRF Data Book Surveys can access the FY18 survey by logging in at Once a completed survey is submitted, foundation staff can immediately begin to benchmark against peer foundations who have also completed the survey.

Foundation staff new to the IRF Data Book must first register to use the CASE Benchmarking Toolkit. Complete the following two steps to register:

  1. Select an individual to complete data surveys. Given the financial nature of most surveys, your foundation may want to choose a financial staffer. This person will also be your foundation's designee for accessing data in the data book.
  2. Send the full contact information for this individual to the Research Department with "IRF Data Book" in the subject line. Once your e-mail is received, the CASE research department will send login information to the staffer, who will then be able to complete the current survey. As soon as the staffer completes the survey, he or she will be able to access data and benchmark against peers who have also completed the survey.

While there is no registration fee, only CASE members are eligible to participate in the IRF Data Book and complete the survey. Survey participants must also complete the entire survey to access the benchmarking data.

What Data Will IRFs Need to Complete the Survey?

Registered foundations should have the following documents handy when completing the IRF Data Book Survey:

  • CAE Voluntary Support of Education Survey response,
  • NACUBO-Commonfund Endowment Study response,
  • Audited financials for fiscal year and
  • Form 990.


Contact Brian Flahaven ( or +1-202-478-5617).