Key Sessions

Sunday, July 17

1:00-2:30 PM

The Road to Character: Thoughts on Leadership Today

Can we build rich inner lives by looking beyond ourselves? New York Times op-ed columnist and author David Brooks believes that "most of the time, character is not an individual accomplishment. It merges through hearts and souls, and in groups." Join us as Brooks takes us on a deep dive-infused with humor and insight-into discovering our own inner-worth.

David Brooks, Author, New York Times Columnist, Political and Social Analyst.


The Power of Voice: Protest and Free Speech in Higher Education

The tradition of activism at our nation's colleges and universities has changed our world for the better. Campuses have a special obligation to protect free speech, open discourse and the value of protest; we strengthen our intellect and our voices in encounters with opposing views. Building on the campaigns of previous generations, students are speaking out for racial justice-the right not merely to be admitted by included, not merely to survive but to thrive. Ruth J. Simmons, one of the foremost higher education leaders in the United States, makes the case that one of the most important values higher education must encourage and protect is the questioning of the status quo.

Ruth J. Simmons, President Emerita, Brown University; President Emerita, Smith College


Monday, July 18


The Big Picture

As Summit nears its conclusion, a distinguished panel of experts will tackle big topics including accountability in education, student activism and campus controversy, talent management, and succession planning—plus your challenging questions.

Panelists: Andrew Hamilton, President, New York University; and Stacy Palmer, Editor, The Chronicle of Philanthropy; and Daniel R. Porterfield, President, Franklin & Marshall College
Moderator: Sue Cunningham, President, CASE


Tuesday, July 19


The Power of Shared Leadership

All employees will tell you their success relies on teamwork. This is especially true of advancement professionals who serve as the quarterbacks of a team that includes the university president and powerful volunteers (the board).

Joan Garry offers insights on how you can motivate and engage these critical stakeholders in what she calls a "shared leadership" model.

Joan Garry, Founder and Principal, Joan Garry Consulting

10:30 AM-NOON
The Next America: Boomers, Millennials and the Looming Generational Showdown

The United States is in the midst of two profound demographic transformations: our population is en route to becoming majority non-white, driven by our largest immigration wave in history, at the same time a record share is going gray. These changes have created huge generation gaps. Young and old don't look alike, think alike, vote alike, or use technology alike. Today's young adults—the so-called Millennials—are the first downwardly mobile generation in modern history. Those with college degrees are saddled with record levels of student loan debt; those without college degrees can't find good-paying jobs in a knowledge-based economy. Yet Millennials aren't alienated and aggrieved. They are optimistic, aspirational and empowered by the digital technologies that have imbued their generation with a sense of infinite possibility.

Paul Taylor, Former Executive Vice President, Special Projects, Pew Research Center

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