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CASE-produced white papers explore concepts, best practices, trends and research for advancement leaders and decision-makers.

Recent White Papers

Alumni Engagement Metrics
Published August 2018
The Alumni Engagement Metrics Task Force was created by the CASE Commission on Alumni Relations in the fall of 2016 to address the need for an industry wide framework to measure alumni engagement. The creation of the Task Force was the culmination of a decade-long discussion within the profession on the topic of alumni engagement metrics.

Increasing Diversity in University Advancement: Lessons from Leading Development Programs
Published June 2018
This whitepaper examines the current state of diversity among development staff at colleges and universities. In 2015, CASE surveyed chief advancement officers of 35 of the largest development programs in the U.S. about efforts to achieve greater diversity among their staffs. In 2016, CASE conducted follow-up interviews with 35 staff leaders of eight institutions identified in the survey as having valuable perspectives on increasing staff diversity. Interviewees included senior leaders, staff with tactical responsibility in hiring and retention, and staff from diverse backgrounds within the fundraising divisions at these eight universities.

Application of Charitable Solicitation Registration Statutes to Educational Institutions and Related Organizations: State-By-State Breakdown (PDF)
Published August 2017
This updated white paper helps CASE members navigate the complex landscape of state charitable solicitation laws, including changes made to these laws over the past five years (through 2016). CASE commissioned a law firm to prepare the original whitepaper outlining the application of these statutes to educational institutions and their institutionally related organizations (institutionally related foundations, alumni associations, etc.) in 2011.

2015 Institutionally Related Foundations Data Book Survey (PDF)
Published February 2017
This white paper examines the structure of institutionally related foundations, their fundraising resources, staff composition and endowment performance. Based on the results from the 2015 IRF Data Book Survey, the white paper examines the 5-year trend in the survey results from 2011-2015, and breaks down the patterns by IRF type and institution type.

Findings from the 2015 CASE Educational Communications and Marketing Trends Survey (PDF)
Published January 2017
The second, biennial survey of C&M trends benchmarks the investments and staffing in communications and marketing at independent schools, colleges and universities around the world. This white paper reports on the study's results, gathered in 2015 from 458 responses, by institution type and public/private status, enrollment size and geographic region. It also reports on the strategies and tactics used across key audiences, as well as key findings on C&M management and structures, budgetary support and the challenges and opportunities faced by C&M professionals.

Paying to Play: Social Media in Advancement 2016 (PDF)
Published October 2016
This paper reports on findings from the seventh survey of social media in advancement, which was conducted earlier this year by Huron and mStoner in partnership with CASE. Nearly 1,200 respondents at educational institutions worldwide provided feedback on their use of social media.

A Brief Introduction to the Science of Fundraising (PDF)
Published May 2016
How can the science of philanthropy inform day-to-day fundraising? This brief report explores the usefulness of looking to social science research to enhance fundraising strategies. Drawing on empirical studies it discusses several potential points of intersection between fundraising and research. Specifically, this paper proposes a “DIME” model to highlight three considerations when crafting fundraising campaigns: Donation Impact, Motivation and Effort.

Benchmarking Alumni Relations in Community Colleges (PDF)
Published February 2016
The Benchmarking Alumni Relations in Community Colleges white paper features key data on alumni relations programs at community colleges across the United States. The paper compares results from 2015 and 2012 across such areas as the structure, operations and budget for alumni relations, alumni data collection and management, alumni communications and engagement strategy, as well as fundraising activities with alumni.


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