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The Big Match and... Twitter

The University of Leeds is using Twitter to make its annual fund campaign more interactive and to promote the advantages of the UK government's £200 million matched funding scheme.

‘The Big Match' is the University of Leeds' current fundraising campaign. In a little over a week, the institution had almost £25,000 in pledges—£11,000 of that was raised in one night from alumni. To date, the university has £70,000 in pledges from the campaign.

The University of Leeds is in Tier 3 of the matched funding scheme, receiving £1 in matched funding for every £3 donated inclusive of Gift Aid, up to a potential total match of £2.75 million. The formula means that every £3 donated by alumni can be worth up to £5 with Gift Aid and the government match.

Adrian Salmon, annual fund manager at the University of Leeds, said the institution was delighted with the response from alumni to the Big Match.

"Our telephone fundraising team is made up of current Leeds students and is over 70 strong this year," she said. "For two-thirds of the team, it's their first experience of telephone fundraising."

The team is tweeting live from the calling room each night, which Salmon believes could be a first for a registered charity while in campaign.

"We hear so many fascinating stories over the phone each night, and Twitter is a great way of sharing them quickly," said Salmon.

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This article is from the November 2009 issue of BriefCASE.