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May 2012
Volume 1, Issue 11

Community College Advancement News

Community College Leaders Urged to Fundraise

Fundraising emerged as a new, hot topic instead of student retention and other more academic matters at a recent annual meeting of community college leaders. Read more...

Advancement Research Tools Available at Your Fingertips

Survey data and research about community college advancement programs are plentiful-if you know where to look. Read more...

CASE ASAP to Launch National Student Philanthropy Day

On Feb. 28, 2013, CASE ASAP will launch the first national Student Alumni Engagement and Philanthropy Day. CASE ASAP institutional members will work to organize events and activities to enhance awareness and engagement of students on this day. Read more...

In the News

"Live Conversations" Ranked Most Influential in College Section
A new survey reveals that conversations with campus representatives can be the "most influential experience" for many students and their parents when selecting a college or university. Read more...

The Strength of Community Colleges
(Huffington Post)
The president of Saint Paul College in Minnesota argues that community colleges are "democratic institutions of higher education" that provide pathways to empowerment for "a segment of society often neglected by others." Read more...

Performance-Based Scholarships: Emerging Findings from a National Demonstration
The preliminary results of programs in Ohio, New York and New Mexico show "modest but positive effects on important markets of academic progress." Read more...

Community Colleges Have a Major Role in Global Prosperity
(Community College Times)
U.S. government officials say community colleges have a significant role in efforts to increase international education initiatives. Read more...

Rural Community Colleges Face Unique Challenges
(The Fayette Tribune)
The president of New River Community and Technical College in West Virginia says that, although community colleges have a much higher profile than they did a few years ago, institutions like his that serve rural communities still face "daunting challenges." Read more...



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