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Report: NGOs Rely on Online Tools to Engage Donors

An overwhelming majority of non-governmental organizations agree that social media is an effective tool for creating social change and growing organizations, according to the 2017 Global NGO Technology Report. The report focused on how non-governmental organizations worldwide use online technology to engage their donors.

The survey was conducted from Aug. 1, 2016, through Oct. 31, 2016. The primary goal of the survey was to provide an "updated set of benchmarks for success in online technology for NGO's by continent."

The following are results based upon the survey, collected from 4,908 NGOs from multiple continents.

Key findings:


• 78 percent of global NGOs have a mobile-compatible website.
• 67 percent accept online donations: the majority come through credit card payments and PayPal methods.
• 92 percent of NGOs have a Facebook page, 72 percent have a Twitter presence and 39 percent have an Instagram account.

• 71 percent of NGOs in Asia regularly send email updates to donors.
• 86 percent of Asian NGOs have Facebook pages, and large NGOs have an average following of 170,302.

Australia & Oceania
• 79 percent regularly send email updates to donors and supporters.
• 55 percent agree that social media is effective for online fundraising.
• 51 percent have used social media to report live, using Facebook (68 percent), Twitter (65 percent) or Instagram (23 percent).

• 98 percent of NGOs in Europe have a website.
• 44 percent regularly publish a blog.
• 61 percent accept online donations, mainly via credit card payments and PayPal.

North America
• 85 percent of American NGOs accept online donations through credit cards, PayPal and direct debit payments.
• 50 percent use social media to report live.
• 3 percent regularly send mobile text messages to donors and supporters.

This article is from the March 2017 BriefCASE issue of BriefCASE.

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