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5 Top Social Media Projects to Pull Off in 2017

2016 may have been characterized by political upheavals, controversies and fake news. But amid the unrest, there's one truth on which we can all agree: people love Pokémon. 

Pokémon Go, which attracts millions of players a day, took college campuses by storm this year. In fact, in a recent #casesmc chat on the best social media ideas of the year, several participants said Pokémon Go maps were their top project for 2016. 

"We have 33 stops/gyms on campus, so we held a Pokéhunt this summer," tweeted Meagan Ewton, public relations coordinator at Rogers State University.  "[It was a] great way to get the community on campus." 

Some campuses, including Rogers State and West Virginia University, created Pokémaps to help intrepid players catch 'em all.

Beyond Poké-projects, chat participants shared their other favorite initiatives from 2016. Here are five projects to spark your social planning in 2017. 

Serious Snapchat storytelling. Snapchat can be a platform for student-driven storytelling. California State University Chico pulled off a weekly "why I vote" Snapchat series leading up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election, asking students about the issues that were most important to them. It "increased civic engagement and [yielded] valuable weekly Snapchat content," tweeted Kate Post, digital communications coordinator at the institution.

Recipe videos. Several institutions experimented with cooking videos, à la the popular Tasty videos. Before donning that apron, though, recruit a video-savvy helper. 

"My advice is this: do not attempt to film a recipe video by yourself," tweeted Amy Windsor, social media strategist at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Career chat. Looking for a fresh way to connect students and alumni? The University of Minnesota launched a monthly Twitter chat about career strategies hosted by alumni "lead tweeters." The next one in February, for instance, explores how to navigate career fairs. 

Campaign to give students a voice. The University of Dayton hosted a cross-channel #CommunityMeansEveryone campaign supported by several campus partners. "It spoke to how LGBTQ+ support aligns with our Catholic Marianist mission and shared voices of other represented populations across campus," tweeted Michaela Eames, social strategist there. 

Rate My Prof video. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette's video of professors reacting to student reviews on the site was filmed and edited by an intern. It was the university's most popular Facebook post of the year.  

Read the full transcript of the chat. 

This article is from the January 2017 BriefCASE issue of BriefCASE.