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Fundraising Fundamentals, Part 1, Section 3


 For Institutional Leaders

Sections 1 through 5 (which comprise part 1) are tailored for institutional leaders – vice-chancellors, rectors, presidents, heads and principals.

Section 3. Structures, Leadership

The resources in the sections throughout part 1 are based on the collective wisdom of many successful development professionals. They will assist institutional leaders in establishing an effective development office or modifying their current development activities to achieve greater success.

Herein you will find information and links to further resources that address the following questions and more:

  • What should your expectations be?
  • How much should you invest?
  • What is your role?
  • How can you build support for your strategy?

About the Word Advancement

Please note that the term advancement is often used when talking about fundraising in an educational context. As defined by CASE, the term encompasses alumni relations, communications, fundraising, marketing and allied areas.

Whilst this resource touches on all areas of advancement, its primary focus is on fundraising, or development. The terms development office and development director have been adopted to reflect this approach.

Many institutions have broad-based advancement offices, and the CASE website provides in-depth guidance on the wider aspects of advancement, including alumni relations, communications and marketing.