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Fundraising Fundamentals


Welcome to the online resource for development and fundraising activities in education.

Development and fundraising activities are essential to any educational institution's well-being. But how do you develop and implement a successful development and fundraising strategy? Where do you start? If you have a program under way, how do you achieve greater success?

Whether you are the leader of an institution or a development director, the information in Fundraising Fundamentals will help you understand and be successful in your fundraising role at your institution.

Using This Resource

Fundraising Fundamentals comprises two parts, consisting of a total of 13 sections, each containing many subsections.

Sections 1 through 5 (part 1) are tailored for institutional leaders – vice-chancellors, rectors, presidents, heads and principals.

Sections 6 through 13 (part 2) are especially for development directors.

To get started, follow the link below that relates to your area of interest.

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