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Currents magazine FAQs

What opportunities are there to write for Currents magazine?
  • Currents, CASE's award-winning bimonthly magazine, runs feature articles on a variety of issues important to advancement professionals, including trends in the field, case studies from different institutions, and information from research and surveys conducted by CASE's research division.
  • Each issue of Currents also includes columns and shorter items. Outlook is an opinion column that takes a stance on advancement topic. Talking Shop spotlights an advancement thought leader, and Voices seeks out experts to answer readers' sticky questions.
  • The tone of Currents articles is journalistic and conversational (as opposed to academic).
  • Currents readers are professional members of CASE in all of the advancement disciplines and at all institution types.

Why should I become a Currents author?

By sharing your ideas and expertise, you will be helping colleagues on other campuses, contributing to the depth and breadth of the profession, adding to your own professional stature on your campus and within the advancement profession, and developing greater awareness of your campus.

I have an idea for a Currents article or column. What should I do?

Submit your concepts online. The editors prefer to receive proposals rather than finished manuscripts.

What happens after I submit my idea?

The editors will discuss the story idea and get back to you to let you know if they are interested in commissioning an article. If the story idea is accepted, an editor will send you a commissioning letter and contract specifying what information he or she would like the article to include, the length of the article, deadline for delivery and other details. Space limitations mean that the editors cannot accept every good idea they receive. In some cases, they might ask you to be a source in a larger story or they may keep the idea on file for future editorial planning.

What factors are considered when reviewing proposals for Currents articles?

Decisions are based on what best serves CASE members and on what other articles or titles may be in the publishing pipeline.

What style does Currents prefer?

Currents follows the Associated Press Stylebook in most cases. Authors will be provided with more specific guidelines upon request.

We strive for a personal, informal writing style and a lively, conversational tone. Avoid education jargon and the passive voice. Remember that editorial space is at a premium. Review your manuscript carefully and condense it as much as possible before you send it in.

What goes into the Currents editing process?

The Currents editorial department looks to professionals for their advancement expertise, not necessarily their skills as writers. The editors are prepared to take any strong idea and help you shape it into an article that's appropriate for readers. In some cases, the editors work extensively with the writer to strengthen the article's structure, content and language. At other times, the editors need only make small changes for clarity, length and style. In either case, the editors always send the manuscript back to you for review before publication.

What happens if you decline my story proposal?

You are free to submit your proposal to other publishers.

How long does the process usually take?

It may take a month or more before CASE follows up with you regarding your proposal. If your story idea is accepted by the magazine, you will typically have four to six weeks to provide a manuscript. In most cases, the article will appear in Currents three months after the manuscript is received and accepted for publication.

Does Currents pay authors?

Currents strives to collaborate with authors who have useful information, unique perspectives, and valuable experiences to share with their professional colleagues in education advancement and are motivated primarily by their interest in contributing to advancement's body of knowledge rather than payment. All authors receive complimentary copies of the issue in which their work appears.

How do I submit feedback on a recent Currents article or issue? 

We love hearing from our readers. Send us your rants and raves about Currents and advancement, and we'll publish them in our next issue. 

How do I submit a question to Currents' advice section, Voices? 

Submit your trickiest questions, and we'll find an expert to give advice on the issue in an upcoming issue. 

I just changed advancement jobs or got a promotion. I'd love to share my news in Currents' People on the Move section.

Congratulations! Tell us about your new position in this form.

Can I use information from Currents in other materials or publications?

CASE owns the copyrights to material it publishes but in most circumstances is happy to grant individuals and organizations permission to reprint excerpts from Currents.

Please fill out this form to detail your reprint query.

What if I have further questions about submitting to Currents

Please contact Toni Coleman, Currents interim editor in chief, at or +1-202-478-5630.