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Volume 6, Issue 5

Task Force Finds More Opportunities, Higher Value

Federal agencies are opening up more funding opportunities for community colleges, which suggests that these agencies are finding more value in these institutions, according to the chair and co-chair of a volunteer research group.

The "Federal Funding to Two-Year Colleges" report is produced by the Federal Funding Task Force, a group of volunteers who make an annual trip to Washington D.C., to meet with federal agencies about funding programs. Chair Heather Layton, co-chair Michelle Alexander and 60 other volunteers wrapped up this year's research trip on Oct. 26.

This year, 62 members of the task force met with 135 federal program officers. During these visits, the task force met with federal agencies and discussed anticipated funding levels and program priorities, updated agency contacts and requested comparison data on funds applied for and grants awarded to community colleges in previous funding cycles.

Layton said a major takeaway is that federal agencies were opening up more grants opportunities to community colleges.

"[Federal] agencies are much more open to what a community college can provide," Alexander said. "They see a value in community there were much better conversations between task force and agencies this year."

Additionally, the FFTF found that agencies are placing an emphasis on evidence-based practice, added Layton.

"What makes this special is, if you are new to the field of resource development, you can see the vast majority of what's available," said Layton. "In those reports, we put things agencies aren't putting in the [request for proposals.] We ask about tips, approaches and examples of best practices."

The FFTF was created by the Council for Resource Development, which successfully managed the program until July 2016, when it became an initiative of the CASE Center for Community College Advancement.

The "Federal Funding to Two-Year Colleges" report will be made available exclusively to CASE members upon completion.

This article is from the November 2016 issue of the Community College Advancement News.

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