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August 2011
Volume 1, Issue 2

Community College Advancement News

Learn to Run a Successful Volunteer Annual Fund Blitz

Last spring, the two-person advancement staff at Los Rios Community College District mobilized volunteers for an annual fund campaign that raised more than $40,000 in two weeks. In October, officials behind the campaign will host a webinar on how to launch a similar campaign with limited staff and resources. Read more...

The VSE: "An Aspiration Tool"

The Voluntary Support of Education survey is considered by many to be the authoritative national source of information on private giving to higher education. However, community college participation in the survey has remained low. Arguing that the survey is an invaluable tool for their field, many community college officials say they would like to see more of their peers participate. Read more...

Survey Looks at Institutionally Related Foundation Funding

About 72 percent of community college foundations had endowments valued at less than $10 million last fiscal year. The mean amount of private support raised per community college foundation was around $1.8 million. These are among the findings of a 2010 CASE survey of institutionally related foundations affiliated with public institutions of higher education in the United States. Read more...

July CFI Reports 4.7 Percent Increase in Giving in 2010-11

Fundraisers at educational institutions in the United States estimate that donations during the academic year that ended June 30, 2011, increased by 4.7 percent. Looking ahead, fundraisers predict further growth of 5.5 percent for the academic year that began July 1, 2011. That's according to survey results released by CASE. Read more...

You Asked For It...

More than 50 advancement professionals from throughout the United States participated in a series of CASE Virtual Town Hall meetings last month, offering ideas for the Center for Community College Advancement. Read more...

In The News

Community Colleges Step in to Fill "Skills Gap"
(CNN Money)
Community colleges and companies are deepening their alliances to better prepare students for jobs ranging from health care to manufacturing to retail. Read more...

A One-Man Band Runs a Small College's Web Site and Marketing
(Chronicle of Higher Education)

Jay Walterreit is the only person at Alpena Community College responsible for government relations, media relations, marketing, branding, the Web site, and social media. He illustrates why small colleges, especially community colleges, struggle to communicate with prospective students and the public. Read more...

Work on College's Mobile Website Leads to a New Career
(Community College Times)

Demand for websites that work well on mobile devices will only grow, study predicts. Read more...

Community College Students and the Social Media Bandwagon

Community colleges don't always get the same amount of recognition in general compared to regular colleges and universities but students attending these types of schools are definitely no exception to the social media marketing bandwagon. Read more...

How Great Photos Can Tell a Charity's Story
(Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Written by Sue LaLumia, the Chronicle's art director for 20 years, this story also includes a link to the story "How to recruit good photographers on a tiny budget." Read more...

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Getting the Green: Fundraising Campaigns for Community Colleges

Stuart R. Grover offers specific guidance for community colleges for every step of planning, carrying out and following up on campaigns, from testing feasibility, to identifying supporters, to thanking and retaining volunteers and donors.

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