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Volume 11, Issue 3

Boost Morale with Communication

Transparency and inspiration can go a long way to help lift morale in the office when things aren't great.

"You can't fix everything that's broken in your organization—and you can put only so much lipstick on whatever messaging pigs you inherit—but you can use your position to uplift, encourage and energize your colleagues," writes Robby Brumberg for

Brumberg offers three tips to leaders working with a team or office environment experience low morale:

  1. Be direct. If you have bad news to share, don't try to hide it or sugar-coat it, writes Brumberg. "At some point in human history, it was determined that the best way to deliver bad news was to either ignore it or jam it deep inside a daunting mass of big words," he explains. "Don't try to bury bad news underneath mounds of meaningless buzzwords."
  2. Rebuild trust. When times are tough at work, it's important to focus on healing your team as you work toward your goal. "If your culture has been damaged, try to piece it back together. Use your communication to rebuild trust and reestablish connections. Add new flourishes and features as you rebuild your infrastructure," writes Brumberg.
  3. Inspire others. This should go without saying, but, what you say and how you say it has a lot of weight on your team. "You have a voice—a prominent one in your organization—so you might as well use it to spread a bit of mirth, hope and encouragement. If you deliver doom and gloom (or boring corporate spume), you'll make morale worse."

This article is from the Advancement Weekly, January 21, 2019 issue.

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