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How to Integrate Digital Strategy into a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Advancement Talk features audio conversations on the latest trends, tips and best practices in advancement from leading professionals in the field.

Rachel ReubenRachel Reuben
Vice President for Communications
Colgate University

This podcast interview is less than five minutes long.

  • At 0:50, Reuben identifies the point during the planning process for a marketing plan that practitioners should start thinking about how to integrate digital strategy.
  • At 1:12, she shares some examples of digital strategy tactics that can be used to advance a marketing plan.
  • At 2:53, Reuben describes project briefs and how they can be used by practitioners to keep a marketing plan on track to meet its goals.
  • At 4:24, she talks about some common problems that can arise when making use of digital strategy tactics within a marketing plan and how they can be overcome.


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