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Volume 8, Issue 15

To Do or To Be?

Everyone is familiar with to-do lists, but does writing them force us to focus too much on accomplishments instead of personal growth?

"As leaders, do we find the time to place on our list those things that will enable us to grow, lead and be an example of great leadership in our various roles at work and home?" asks Paul LaRue in the Upwards Leader.

LaRue recommends using a "to-be" list, something he picked up from Benjamin Franklin's autobiography. Franklin used to carry around a book where he listed 13 virtues that he wanted to develop as character traits. He then would focus on one each week, writes LaRue.

"Having a ‘to-be' list accomplishes the same purpose as does a to-do list. It shapes the things we want to do daily in order to accomplish a goal," writes LaRue. "Instead of tasks and projects, it is our leadership traits."

LaRue recommends creating this list alongside your day-to-day to-do list, choosing a leadership trait and focusing on it throughout your designated time.

"The method is yours to create as long as it's effective for you to grow," adds LaRue. "Personally, I write one quick statement across the top of my daily list as a reminder of who to be. Ones that I've used are "Be Remarkable," "Do Right," and "Business is People." Makes yours unique to you."

This article is from the Advancement Weekly, October 9, 2017 issue.

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