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Volume 6, Issue 14

Change is More than Just Talk

Despite what you think, you can't manage change. But a leader can be more effective about change by thinking and acting in strategic ways, writes one workplace expert.

"Change is but an announcement of ‘something,'" writes Eileen McDargh for Lead Change Group. "It is the transition to a new form that must take place and occupies people's minds and hearts. Trust serves as the critical underpinning for all change to be successful. The greater the trust, the easier it will be."

The goal, McDargh writes, is to increase buy-in from your employees without major disruption. To do this, she recommends answering questions and preparing your employees before you decide to make the change and when you are trying to enact change.

When exploring possible changes in an organization, McDargh recommends identifying the value, if any, that change will add to your organization. Will it benefit the whole organization or just a small part? Does it serve stakeholders? Will employees need to be trained or will your organization need new resources?

Setting steps and goals for your organization can also help your employees be engaged throughout the transition. McDargh suggests taking care to communicate and listen carefully to your employees during the process.

"Change offers great opportunity to streamline, to create better processes and to build fluid relationships and strategic alliances," McDargh writes.

This article is from the Advancement Weekly, October 3, 2016 issue.

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