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Volume 3, Issue 16

Get Your Marketing Campaign on the Right Track

Marketing managers should ask themselves several questions before planning their next campaign, says an entrepreneur.

Nick Friedman, president in charge of marketing for a nationwide moving company, recently shared with OPEN Forum questions he believes all marketing managers should ask, including:

  • Do you need an outside expert? "First, you have to decide whether you want to consult a professional or trust your own expertise to make the right moves," he says. "...handling your own marketing campaigns may save you some money in the short term, but you have to decide if you have the time, energy and know-how to sink into an all-out marketing campaign over an extended period of time."
  • Are you ready to diversify? "...the next decision that needs to be made is whether you want to play it safe, go big or find somewhere in between," Friedman says. "The best way to grow your brand is through diversification [or marketing tactics]. It will give you a chance at the big [return] while minimizing the long-term risk... Place some safe bets on things that work for you, like direct mail or print ads, and then experiment on high-risk, high-reward marketing tactics."
  • How much should you invest in traditional versus non-traditional marketing? "As with everything else in life, it all depends," he says. "How big is your [organization]? How established? What are your goals? Does your target demographic appreciate the ‘new' or do they inherently resist change?"

This article is from the Oct. 14, 2013 issue.

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