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Volume 4, Issue 15

Communicate More Effectively Online

Leaders need to adapt their communications skills for the digital era, writes an executive coach.

"The art of communication is very different today than it was a mere two decades ago when our access to data was limited," writes Frank Pietrucha, author of Supercommunicator: Exploring the Complicated So Anyone Can Understand. "The Internet has turned careful, deliberate readers into hungry information predators. Power scanning, instead of deep reading, is something we all do."

Pietrucha recently wrote a blog post about how leaders can communicate more effectively through website content. His advice includes:

  • Communicate visually and limit text. "Dense paragraphs are like death sentences in the digital world where information is increasingly communicated through visual means. A smart infographic can often tell a story more efficiently than a 1,200-word article," he writes.
  • Provide multiple entry points. "The users enter into an interface at a point of their choosing," he writes. "We no longer have to start with the introduction and muddle through an obligatory ‘up front' discussion before getting to the meat."
  • Always be transparent. "Information seekers today believe in transparency," Pietrucha writes. "Be truthful and forthcoming. Don't present yourself as something you are not."

This article is from the Oct. 13, 2014 issue.

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