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Volume 2, Issue 36

Revisit Marketing Basics before Revamping Approach

Before adopting the latest marketing tool or technique, communications and marketing leaders should consider whether their existing operations have untapped value, says a strategy consultant.

Dorie Clark, author of Reinventing You: Defining Your Brand, Imagine Your Future, recently shared with the Harvard Business Review several questions that communications and marketing leaders should ask themselves before changing their outreach strategy. Two that are relevant to education marketing include:

  • What is everyone else doing—and how can I do the opposite? If a competitor sends out regular e-newsletters to its entire database of constituents, then Clark says a marketer should consider sending out "simple, personalized" notes to its institution's "most loyal" constituents.
  • What worked in the past that's been abandoned—and why? Clark says that marketing strategies are sometimes scrapped for good reason—for example, robo-calls fell out of favor with the advent of caller ID—but other times it is not always clear. He suggests marketers think about whether there's an older outreach technique that could still be useful—for example, strategically sending out handwritten notes.

This article is from the March 18, 2013 issue.

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