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Volume 2, Issue 50

Maximize Your Webinar Experience

Employees should avoid multi-tasking when listening to webinars to get the most out of these online presentations, says a researcher.

Rachel Burstein, research associate at the California Civic Innovation Project, recently shared with the Harvard Business Review ways in which participants can improve their webinar experiences. They include:

  • Chose webinars carefully. "Time is limited and not all webinars are created equal," she says. "When selecting which webinars to attend, consider how much value each will provide for particular projects with which you're involved."
  • Watching the webinar with a group. "Not only does this practice make employees more likely to attend and pay attention during webinars, but it also signals the importance of the topic and the value that the organization's leadership places on professional development," Burstein says. "Plus, it allows for a more comprehensive discussion of how to customize the content for the organization."
  • Take and distribute notes. "Taking notes helps participants pay attention," she says. "Distributing them to relevant colleagues is not only helpful for those who weren't able to attend the session, but it also gives the note-taker recognition as someone who has learned and synthesized the material presented during the webinar."
  • Use the webinar to network. "When presenters and other registrants distribute their contact information, don't be shy about following up with questions or ideas," Burstein says. "It's perfectly acceptable to use the shared experience of the webinar to present queries on other topics, too."
  • Ask questions. "Take advantage of technologies that allow you to ask questions of presenters, following up in an email if your question doesn't get asked or answered," she says. "In addition, talking to colleagues about questions or themes that emerged from the webinar can be an important piece of understanding the information and making it work for your organization."

This article is from the June 24, 2013 issue.

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