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Volume 1, Issue 49

Make Presentations More Passionate

Communications experts say that an audience is more likely to care about a presenter and his remarks if they sense that he is passionate about the topic.

John Antonakis, Marika Fenley and Sue Liechti—professors from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland—recently shared with the Harvard Business Review strategies that presenters should use to win over their audiences.

  • Use an animated voice. "Whisper at appropriate moments or rise to a crescendo to drive a point home," say the professors.
  • Match your facial expressions. "Make eye contact and don't be afraid to smile or laugh when appropriate and genuine," say the professors.
  • Make gestures. "A fist can reinforce confidence and certitude," say the professors. "Waving a hand or pointing can help draw attention."

This article is from the June 18, 2012 issue.

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