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Volume 5, Issue 49

Encourage Employees to Keep Learning

As a leader, it is your duty to empower your staff to keep learning and developing professionally. Leaders who do this will see a multitude of benefits within their organizations, writes one management expert.

"Each person learns differently, but all employees can benefit from continuing education," writes Greg Stahl for Entrepreneur. "By offering [learning opportunities], you can begin to lay the groundwork for your team (members) to continue their education throughout their careers."

Not only does professional development enhance the work environment for employees, it offers professional benefits for the organization, he adds.

"Moreover, the business benefits of continuing education are powerful. Companies that offer tuition assistance or other education benefits often have much lower turnover rates and employees typically apply their new skills to the workplace," Stahl adds.

When incorporating professional development, Stahl suggests three actions:

  1. Make learning convenient. Your employees are already balancing demands at work and home, so easy access to learning opportunities is important. "Learning can and should be about much more than adding another bullet point to your CV, but almost no one will take advantage if the process is overly complicated or unclear," he says.
  2. Offer specific opportunities. Many professional development opportunities are too general to be effective, Stahl warns. Employees who participate in professional development specific to their needs and skills will come away more inspired.
  3. Share and support growth. Employees can be reluctant to pursue learning opportunities, so it is important for leaders to encourage them on their journey. To do this, leaders should share their own professional development journey, Stahl writes.

This article is from the Advancement Weekly, June 13, 2016 issue.

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