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Hire the Best Candidate, Not the One You Can Afford

When fulfilling a personnel need, managers should hire the best candidates they can find—and not just a bunch of average ones, says one leadership guru.

Frank Addante, founder and chief executive of an online advertising company, recently shared with Inc. why he believes hiring the best candidate for a job—though he or she may be more costly—is a better bet for a manager in the long run. His rationale is:

  • Great people attract great people. "Overall, your talent ... will increase exponentially, while your recruiting costs will decrease," Addante says.
  • Talented people increase your team productivity. "Add fresh, new A-plus talent to the team, and you'll get everyone to step up their game, and increase productivity across the board," he says.
  • They'll magnify your horsepower. "I've witnessed time and time again that one ultra-talented individual can produce the work of a team of 10," he says.

"So go out on a limb and take the risk," Addante says. "Hire the best person you can find. Hire the person you think you can't afford. ... Take the biggest risks with your most valuable assets—your people. When you get it right, they'll yield the greatest rewards."

This article is from the July 16, 2012 issue.

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