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Volume 2, Issue 32

Prevent Presentation Problems

With careful preparation, leaders can avoid technology glitches at speaking engagements, say presentation experts.

The Harvard Business Review recently shared some tips from experts who compiled the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations. They include:

  • Get to know the audio-visual person. "Learn his name, treat him well and trust his advice," say the guide's authors. "He'll work extra hard for you if he likes you."
  • Test all of the equipment. "Do a dry run using the projector, the click and any audio equipment beforehand," the experts say. "Make sure it all works."
  • Bring backup equipment. "If a piece of technology is critical to your talk, bring your own if possible," the authors say. "That includes accessories like cables and any additional gear you'll need."

This article is from the Feb. 18, 2013 issue.

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