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Volume 2, Issue 23

Make the Most of Conference Attendance

Conference-goers who prepare in advance and make thoughtful choices about how they interact with speakers and attendees can make the experience more rewarding, says a communications professional.

Rikki Rogers, contributor on workplace communications issues for The Daily Muse, recently shared several ways to plan for and make the most of a conference. Some tips include:

  • Define your conference goals. "Decide how you will measure your success—say, by being able to draft up a report or blog post after the event," Rogers asks. Defining your purpose and steps for success will then help you map out your conference schedule: the sessions you'll listen to, the booths you'll visit and the events you'll attend."
  • Tweet incessantly. "Tweet about the conference several days prior to arrival ... and see what other people are saying," Rogers says. "It'll help you identify buzz-worthy sessions that you definitely want to see while you're there. Once you're at the conference, most presenters include their handles on opening and closing presentation slides, so be sure to tweet at them with your comments and feedback... Additionally, keeping up with the live conversation throughout the conference will help you stay connected to the entire group, even though you can't attend every session."
  • Be brave and ask questions. "Raising your hand or stepping up to the mic in front of a large audience can be nerve-wracking, but, if you have a question or a comment that you'd like to articulate, be brave and go for it," she says.

This article is from the Dec. 3, 2012 issue.

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