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Volume 3, Issue 6

Improve Employee Retention

Managers who show employees respect are more likely to retain them, says a leadership authority.

Rieva Lesonsky, author of Start Your Own Business, recently shared with OPEN Forum tips for managers to improve employee retention. They include:

  • Show more respect. "Many [managers] have a tendency to micromanage, which can make employees feel as if they can't be trusted to do their jobs," Leonsky says. "Tell employees what you want them to accomplish, then let them figure out the best plan for reaching those goals. Check in with them, but don't loom over them. Ask for their insights and opinions. Last but not least, acknowledge their achievements in front of the rest of the team."
  • Develop employee skills. "Work with your [other] supervisors and managers to pinpoint each employee's strengths," she says. "Then work with the employee to identify skills that he or she can build on to become an even better member of your team. Develop a plan to use each worker's skills to maximum advantage. You'll benefit your [organization]—and build employee loyalty at the same time."
  • Be more flexible. Consider flexible work schedules or the option to work from home for certain employees.

This article is from the Aug. 5, 2013 issue.

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