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Volume 5, Issue 5

Know Purpose of Work to Improve Job Motivation

Managers and employees can become demotivated if they lack clearly defined personal and professional goals, writes a leadership training specialist.

"A lot of work gets done without the benefit of clearly defined goals and objectives," writes Petra Urhofer, marketer at a management consultancy, in a recent blog post. "But, without clarity, it is difficult to know whether the right work is getting done and, without a clear focus on goals and objectives, priorities easily conflict."

To get that focus, Urhofer notes that managers and employees should list their goals and objectives-and highlight conflicts that might exist among them.

"Then make yourself reminders-post your business and personal goals and objectives in a place where you can see them or choose representative artwork or other objects to place in your office space as a reminder," she writes.

This article is from the AdvWeeklyAug32015 issue.

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