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Volume 5, Issue 9

Practice Alone Doesn’t Make Perfect for Speeches

Practicing a speech over and over again won't necessarily make someone better at delivering it, writes a communications expert.

"You need to learn how to be self-critical about what you're spending all that time practicing, then make adjustments accordingly," writes Jonathan Li, Fast Company columnist.

Li suggests people record themselves giving a speech using their laptop or phone. He adds, "The production value doesn't matter as long as you can clearly see and examine your delivery." Then, when watching the playback of the speech, he notes that people should take notes on what they like and don't like about their performance. Pay special attention to the middle of the speech when energy begins to lag, he writes.

"Then just hang onto what you like about your delivery and rethink the things you don't," Li writes.

This article is from the Advancement Weekly, Aug. 31, 2015 issue.

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